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Make Water Work!


Make Water Work Plant Collection list

Created in partnership with Bylands Nursery and the Okanagan Xeriscape Association, the Make Water Work Plant Collection brings together a palette of WaterWise plants that celebrate the beauty of what's possible in the Okanagan climate and… Make Water Work more effectively in your yard!

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"Slow it. Spread it. Sink it! - Okanagan Homeowner’s Guide to Using Rain as a Resource"

This easy-to-use guidebook shows local residents how they can easily capture and re-use the water that falls on their property.

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Radio Ads

Radio ad #1: Don't mow. Let it grow.
(Leave grass 2-3 inches tall. Water stays longer when grass is longer.)


Radio ad #2: Put water on the nightshift
(Water between 10pm and 6am to prevent evaporation.)


Radio ad #3: Water plants, not pavement.
(Water where it's needed. Save time, money, and water.)


Radio ad #4: Pair water with plants suitable to our dry climate.
(Change out some lawn to drought-tolerent turf and/or native and low-water variety plants.)


Radio ad #5: Make Water Work Plant Collection.
(Make Water Work more effectively with plants ideal to our dry climate.)

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